A Declaration: Labour Must Lead the Campaign to Remain

A Declaration: Labour Must Lead The Campaign To Remain

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Labour values are European values. That's why Labour must lead the campaign to Remain. Take action now and sign up to our campaign.

As Labour, we are what we believe, or we are nothing.

And we believe that we are bigger when we walk together, and better.

We are the family across the street, the other children in the class, the neighbouring nations whose cultures and histories we share; the extended family. And they are us.

We have far, far more in common than divides us.

Being European is part of our national identity and the EU is its institutional expression. Just as being British makes us more than solely English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, so being European makes us more than just British, but not a jot less.

As democratic socialists, in particular, we embrace an entity in which our values are so deeply embedded. They’re institutions we helped to shape, which lead the world on workers’ rights and climate change, fair trade and balanced regulation.

Like Labour, it’s in the nature of the European Union that it stands up for the weak against the strong. Protecting workers from exploitation by unscrupulous employers in under-regulated markets is in the EU’s DNA. In the UK, sadly, it depends on which party is in government.

Protecting markets and consumers, too, from huge, trans-continental oligopolies is something that the EU is inherently determined to do. And which, unlike the UK alone, it is able to do.

Defending Britain from every kind of threat – economic, military, social, environmental - is something a nation our size can no longer do alone. We accept and have adapted to this truth.

Socialism in one country is as outdated a doctrine as the invisible hand. The fight against poverty, injustice and inequality cannot end at our borders.

We proclaim that we are internationalists, multilateralists, humanitarians. We extend the hand of freedom to those fleeing from fear and those striving for prosperity.

Justice, equality, opportunity for all: these are Labour values, British values, European Union values.

A nation with such towering achievements as ours can afford the confidence to share its sovereignty. Our own democratic institutions have not served the interests of ordinary Britons so well. Perhaps we can learn from our European neighbours about a politics in which collaboration and compromise are not weakness, but tools in the service of the common good.

An island nation doesn’t have to look inwards. Never before have we been constrained by our borders. In all our thousand years of history, we have been bigger and better than that.

Brexit would be an act of national self-harm which our hard-pressed communities cannot afford. Our job as Labour is to stand up for them by telling that truth, even knowing that it’s not what everybody wants to hear.

We appeal to those who sincerely still want to leave the EU to join our call for a public vote. It’s the only way to break the paralysing deadlock. We deeply believe that Britain must now remain, but a public vote is also the only way to leave.

Labour’s democratic tradition confers on us an obligation to win elections. Without power we can achieve nothing. As a party of Brexit we will never win again, and that is an abrogation too far.

As the party of Remain, we will not take every voter with us, but it’s the only way that Labour can win, and the only way to keep our country together.

Because we love Britain, and because we believe in Labour, we will fight, fight and fight again to keep Britain in the EU. The next step, which only Labour can deliver, needs to be a public vote on the Brexit fiasco, with Labour leading the way for Remain.

A democratic socialist Labour government - equality, social justice, opportunity and prosperity for all of Britain - will follow swiftly when we regain the people’s trust.